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There’s always so much on in Birmingham these days, it’s hard to keep up with it all! and we know how much it cost to keep up with it…
So from time to time, we’ll do a special offer that’s just to good to miss!

Don’t forget, we know ‘less is more’! so we’ll always give the very best rate possible! and look ahead to bring you the best deals and fantastic seasonal promotions, so keep your thrifty eye on us!


nitenite cityhotels loyalty scheme…

Launching in early 2014, our loyalty scheme will keep you wanting more and more…
Every pound you spend with us will be building you up to something incredible, whether its another night free of charge, high street vouchers or a trip to Europe…
Whatever you want really, its our way of saying thanks, but saying thanks… the nitenite way!

We cant wait to launch and have you as part of the scheme! Keep your eye on this for more information.





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